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RB Best Solutions. Inc, a care provider is highly informed on ways to improve your care needs. You can put your trust in our professional and experienced team.




Medicaidwaiver: HCBS-iBudget 

Medicaid: Under 21

Long Term Care: Humana, Molina, Aetna, Simply, ILS                               

Private Services: Self pay


What type of care do you need?

A Care Coordinator is trained on working with you to understand your needs. You may have an idea of what care services you need help with today, but most clients are amazed at the variety of services that a referred support worker can assist with to make you and your loved one more comfortable. Before a support worker is referred, a Care Coordinator will speak with you and meet in person for a care needs assessment, free of obligation.                                                                                  


Review this list of care services to determine what type of non-medical care might be right for you.

By working with RB Best Solutions, you’ll gain access to the nicest, professional support workers.


Services at a glance:


Personal Care: Sometimes a family member requires a professional support worker who can attend to more personal needs. Client often require personal assistance but are embarrassed to permit family members to assist. We can help by arranging a support worker Home Health Aide, (HHA) who can provide your member improved help and hygiene without sacrificing their dignity or privacy.  Service offers individuals assistance in their family home. The activities include self-care activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing and personal hygiene.


Companion/Respite: Services provided to individuals that whose primary (parents, guardians) is not available for a brief period. Include supervision and socialization activities. The activities are intended to teach the client specific skills related to a goal that has been identified by the individual. These services are typically provided in a community setting. Examples of acceptable companion activities are: going to the library, shopping for groceries; or going to an animal shelter to learn about animals, and volunteering or assisting at the animal shelter. Other, Stabilize when walking by holding arm or hand, accompany to appointments and/or run errands, perform basic grooming/cosmetic assistance (brushing hair, assisting with make-up, perform light household tasks (meal preparation, laundry, straightens living areas, etc.)


Homemaker/Chores: A support worker does household chores and help maintain the home in an optimum state of cleanliness and safety by providing assistance with the following: cooking, shopping assistance, laundry, and other task’s client: Sweeping, vacuuming and/or mopping floors, kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom maintenance, dusting furniture, empty trash, putting away dishes, washing, drying, folding and putting away clothes and linens. Performing other cleaning tasks as requested by client


Live-In (In-Home Support): Is offered by a support worker who stays in the client's residence 24 hours a day for days, weeks, or even months. This care may be provided depending on the individual need. To maintain a healthy lifestyle and provide ongoing quality care, many Live-In support worker request uninterrupted sleep time in a separate sleeping room for privacy and preferably a private restroom.


Care provider is often needed when the family is the primary caregiver.

Even the most able and dedicated family caregiver’s need a break occasionally. Sometimes those breaks are simply needed to allow busy people options regarding life activities.


Other times, the emotional and physical strain of daily life prevents the spouse, parents, guardian from providing the best quality of care. If your life is too busy, or even if you are just becoming exhausted, support provider is available to assist with your needs.


The goal of the support is to encourage family to take advantage of opportunities for rest and don't worry. Additionally, we encourage family to take opportunities to tend to other commitments or family needs. Our clients receive the same high quality referral services and attention to your families needs as every one of our valued client families.


Various levels of services are available, ranging from a few hours to a few months.


Our support staff are Certified Nusing Assistant (CNA) and registered Home Health Aid, (HHA).


We are certified and licensed by AHCA and APD in the State of Florida.





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